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Notification on activities at the Chamber of Craft

Are you planning to carry out a regulated activity in Germany?

If you are planning to carry out a business activity in Germany, which is defined as a regulated activity by German law, requiring professional education and, possibly, practical training, this activity must be registered at the chamber of craft relevant to the first place of work in Germany.


After you fulfil the legally binding conditions, the authorised chamber of craft will issue permission to conduct the given activity. This permission may be preceded by coverage of an administration fee. The permission is issued for the period of one year and it can be renewed regularly.

Regulated activities usually include those that belong to regulated trades or craft trades in Slovakia. However, this is not a rule, so every activity should be judged individually.

A certificate of professional qualification to be submitted to a chamber of craft in Germany is the so-called confirmation of the content and length of practical training, which you can obtain from the local trade office upon submission of the necessary documents.