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Termination of business activities in Germany

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If you no longer wish to do business in Germany as a foreign national, you must cancel your trade with the local authority and deregister from your insurance company or residence. However, you must keep German accounts until the end of the business activities and also file a tax return at the end of the accounting period and, if applicable, pay income tax.

All obligations must be fulfilled properly, because in the event of debts, German institutions can also seize your personal finances abroad by means of execution.

Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do if I no longer want to be active in Germany as a sole trader?

If you carry out work on the basis of a foreign trade, you do not have to notify any authority of the cessation of the work.

What are my obligations if I have a registered German trade in Germany and want to close it?

If you have a German trade, you will need to deregister your trade with the local authority and settle your obligations with the tax authorities and any chamber of crafts and deregister from the insurance company.

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