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Registration of employees at the so-called Zollamt

We will arrange for your employees to register with the German customs authorities.

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If your company sends employees to work for a German customer, you must register them with the German customs authorities (Zollamt). Here, registration must be done before the employees concerned are sent to work in Germany, and this can only be done electronically.

Failure to comply with this obligation and the absence of proof of registration of your employees at the customs authorities can expose your company to heavy penalties.

If your company uses freelancers for work in Germany, you do not need to report them to the Zollamt. The reporting obligation therefore applies exclusively to employees.

Frequently asked questions

Why and when do I need to register employees at Zollamt?

Since the employees are being posted abroad (specifically to Germany), it is necessary to register the employees with Zollamt before the start of the posting. This registration applies ONLY to employees, not to freelancers.

What happens if employees are not registered at Zollamt?

If your employees are not registered at Zollamt and still carry out construction work in Germany, you could face a hefty fine.

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