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Child benefits in Germany

We can help you to arrange child benefits in Germany.

Family allowances in Germany

Every taxpayer in Germany is entitled to receive family allowances, even if the family allowances are paid in their home country. These are mostly cases where the father is employed in Germany and the mother and child live in their home country. Our experienced staff will provide you with a complete service, from listing the necessary documents and forms, to applying for payment.

Even retrospectively, but for a maximum of 6 months backwards from the date of application. The decision-making process for family allowances is very complicated and can be more time-consuming in certain cases.

Frequently asked questions

How much family allowance is paid in Germany if benefits are also received in my home country?

If you are paid child benefits from Slovakia, you may also be paid child benefit from Germany, but this is reduced by exactly the amount of the benefit from your home country.

Is it possible to receive child benefit from Germany even if I am not the child’s biological parent?

Yes, this is possible if the child lives in the same household as you and you are supporting and bringing the child up.

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