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Setting up a trade in Germany

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Do you know what it takes to set up a trade in Germany?

Setting up a trade in Germany involves not only the registration of the activity itself, but also a set of related questions from the tax authorities, the chamber of commerce and industry, the chamber of crafts and other institutions. In terms of time and administrative complexity, when setting up a trade in Germany, it is important to distinguish whether it is a free trade, which is a relatively simple process to declare, or whether it is a regulated activity.

In case of regulated activities, it is generally necessary to have your foreign education recognised by the relevant German chamber of crafts.

The sole trader must register with the German tax authorities and from then on also pay contributions to the German social security.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly does it take to register a German trade?

In case of a trade for which no specific training is required under German regulations, the registration process is quick and you will usually receive a confirmation of registration within 2-3 days. In case of activities where education or experience is required, the process is more difficult, and sometimes it is necessary to have your education recognised by the relevant chamber of crafts before you can register your trade.

Where do I declare my German trade?

The registration of a German trade is done at the local authority responsible for the place of business of the entrepreneur.

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