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Establishment of a sole trade in Germany

Establishment of a sole trade in Germany

Establishment of a sole trade in Germany includes not only registration of business activities but also other administrative procedures related to the tax office, the chamber of commerce and industry, the chamber of craft and other institutions. The administration burden and the duration of the process of establishing a trade in Germany depend on whether the trade is free (its registration is a rather simple process) or regulated.


A regulated trade usually requires recognition of education completed abroad by the relevant German chamber of craft.

A tradesman should register at a German tax office and start paying contributions to the German social insurance system immediately after the registration.

If the trade does not require specific qualifications according to German regulations, the process is fast, and you will obtain confirmation of registration within 2-3 days. If the trade requires specific qualifications or training, the process is more complicated, and it is usually necessary to obtain recognition of the education by the relevant chamber of craft, after which you may register your trade.

A German trade should be registered at a local office related to the place of business activities of the tradesman.