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Termination of business activities in Germany

We will arrange all the de-registration duties for you

If you do not wish to continue in business activities as a foreign person in Germany, you are obliged to abolish your sole trade at the relevant local office and to cancel your registration in the insurance company or your residence status. However, until the moment the business activities are terminated, you should do German bookkeeping, and at the end of the accounting period you should also submit a tax return and pay an income tax if necessary.


You are obliged to fulfil all your duties completely as in case of due payments, German institutions are eligible to call on your personal finances abroad via execution.

If you carry out work based on your foreign trade license, you do not have to notify any office regarding termination of your work.

If you have a German trade license, you should abolish it at the relevant local office, as well as settle  your obligations towards the tax office or the chamber of craft and cancel your registration in the insurance company.