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Registration of employees at the so-called Zollamt

We will arrange registration of employees at a German customs office

If your company places employees in the workplace of a German client, they must be registered at a German customs office (called Zollamt). The registration should be done no later than 1 day before secondment of the employees in Germany, and it can be done only in the electronic form.


Failing to fulfil this obligation and absence of confirmation of the given registration at the customs office may result in high sanctions for your company.

If your company employs tradesmen to work in Germany, you are not obliged to register them at Zollamt. The registration obligation applies only to employees.

If a company places its employees in a workplace abroad (specifically in Germany), it is necessary to register all the seconded employees at Zollamt no later than one day before the start of the secondment. This obligation applies ONLY to employees, not to tradesmen.

If your employees are not registered at Zollamt despite conducting construction works in Germany, you will face a risk of a high fine.