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Maternity allowance in Germany – Parental allowance in Germany

Entitlement for the German maternity and parental allowances

Only a mother who has had health insurance in Germany for a certain period of time may apply for the German maternity allowance. The maternity allowance is paid out by the relevant health insurance company where the mother is insured. Also, if the mother and child live in the home country and certain conditions are fulfiled, the husband of the mother working in Germany may apply for the parental allowance in Germany.


We will gladly help you with the related administration and advise you on which forms you should fill out and which deadlines you should follow to avoid extinction of your rights.

Only a mother of a child who is legally insured in Germany may apply for the maternity allowance. A father is not entitled for this allowance. You may apply for the parental allowance. If you are also entitled to get it in your home country, a German authority will pay the difference to you.

You should apply for the German parental allowance in the first 3 months of the child’s age. You can set the period of receiving the allowance as 12 months or 24 months, and the total amount will be proportionally distributed in the longer period.