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Health insurance in Germany – registration

You are subject to health insurance in Germany.

If you are planning to sign a work contract with a German company and you have been insured by an insurance company in your home country, you should get insured by a German health insurance company before signing the work contract. Also, you should de-register from both health and social insurance in your home country because within EU you cannot be insured in both countries at the same time.


There is a wide selection of German health insurance companies and it is up to you which one you will choose. If your employer pays regular contributions to a health insurance company for you, after fulfiling the officially set conditions, you are entitled to get coverage as a German citizen, for instance, in case of sick leave.

Before signing of a work contract, you should choose a health insurance company where you wish to be insured and give this information to your employer so that the employer can pay contributions on your behalf.

Yes, if you are an employee of a German company and you are insured in a German health company, in case of sickness, you should notify your employer and your insurance company without delay for the purpose of contribution to sickness benefits.