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Establishment of an enterprise in Germany

Are you planning to expand your business activities in the territory of Germany?

Are you planning to expand your business activities in Germany and select the proper form of enterprise? We will advise you and help you found a company in Germany (a company with limited liability – GmbH, an organization unit, UG, a limited partnership, etc.) The most common enterprise form in Germany is a limited liability company (GmbH), where the basic capital is the minimum of EUR 25,000.


In Germany, companies are founded in the form of notarial act. We can sign it on your behalf using credentials; however, to speed up the process, we recommend visiting a notary in person. We will be happy to accompany you and provide necessary translation services. Before registration in the business register, the name of the company and its business object should be approved by the  chamber of commerce and industry (IHK) relevant to the future headquarters of the company. Every company should set up its bank account to deposit the basic capital.

German banks have acted very strictly recently as for opening accounts with the right of disposal by foreigners, and many banks refuse to open accounts for such newly established companies or they request a lot of documents. Based on our long-term experience on the German market, we can help you overcome this administrative barrier.

New entrepreneurs can use the UG form, where they should deposit the basic capital of 1 EUR. It is an economic form suitable for the case when you are not sure of the future success of your business but you do not have to invest much capital. Another form is the standard GmbH; however, it requires payment of the basic capital or the minimum half in the amount of EUR 12,500.

In the case of UG, a company is not obliged to own an account in order to register in the business register. However, in the case of GmbH, it is necessary to deposit the basic capital in the given bank account, and the executive officer should have residence in Germany to be able to open an account.